Our Story

Phil is a rare blend of craftsman and corporate.

He​ grew up helping his dad with building  projects and continued on as an adult  doing his own  home renovation projects. One of which was transforming his family home in Mt Albert from a 60sqm cottage into a 240sqm family home.

His love of the industry led to  a corporate career and he spent many years working for one of New Zealand’s leading building companies along with other well known  companies selling products for the building and interiors industry.

Toni has a passion for Interiors that burns 24/7

Having a dad who was a builder/property developer Toni grew up always living in houses that were under renovation.  A  career in hairdressing, running her own business and two home renovations  led Toni to pursue her true passion for Interiors.

She decided to travel to Europe and research historical buildings while working in the U.K.  A year later she returned to N.Z. studied towards a Diploma in Interior Design while working in the building  industry. Working with Auckland’s leading architectural and design firms she had the opportunity to advise and guide them through product and design  choices.


They have combined their experience and passion to complete great projects in Northland


We started Handipro so we could use all of our years of experience knowledge and passion to help other people realize their projects.


We wanted to create a business that people can trust the experience and communication, from people who have done it before and know exactly what’s involved both financially and emotionally.